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Dear Visitor!

First of all it would only be proper, if - thanking your kind interest – the law office introduced itself briefly. The office was founded in 2004, still as a single-member office, after which – due to the continuously increasing clientele – it was steadily growing, regarding the number of our colleagues, and also the number of clients. It has moved to its present residence in 2005 November, which duly represents the character of the office.

It is not a factory, where everybody is required to be an expert only in a single task, and where people standing at one end of the assembly line don’t know neither those standing at the other one, nor what they do. This office is a cozy, and friendly kind of place, like a handicraft winery: in doesn’t want to “mass produce”, instead it tries to create quality in every single bottle, with participants, who are colleagues, and not just people working at the same place.

Congratulations to the girls for their first place in the III. Jogi Fórum Cup!