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The law office mainly gives ongoing legal service to corporate clients, which include dealing with company law matters, litigation, drafting contracts, debtor-creditor law, legal support in labor law issues, drafting legal opinions, and giving complex legal assistance in connection with real estate purchase and sale agreements.
Due to the fact, that our clients do business in a wide range of sectors, they spur us on to a professional up-to-datedness; which we feel is one of the main causes of maintaining quality.
Amongst our clients you may find banks with nationwide branch network, radio,

market leader online news portal, high quality research agency, premium Central European car importer, several official dealers, venture capital fund, market leader wine merchant, investment counsellor, property manager, IT-developer company aiming for cash effective solutions, book merchant company with a nationwide shop network, start up IT firm. Besides our business clients we provide legal counseling for natural person clients as well, primarily during company incorporation and real estate purchase and sale matters, taking on the full range management of these cases.